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Complete Childbirth Class

This class is perfect for first time parents, or as a refresher. A new series is held at Baby's Sweet Beginnings* every month on Thursdays from 6-9pm, and if it fills quickly, we open a Friday series as well.

Topics: anatomy & physiology, fears, being proactive, troubleshooting common issues, stages & phases of labor, signs of labor, when to go to the hospital, comfort techniques, induction, pain meds, interventions, birth planning, partner support, newborn procedures, postpartum healing, & more!

*Check the calendar on BSB website for the class schedule. Contact them to register at 716-681-8100

Childbirth Crash Course

This class is ideal as a refresher, as a supplement, or for the busy couple who doesn't have time to invest in the full series. This class is fully customizable by you, so we are only hitting the topics you want me to spend time on. This class is taught one on one, virtually through Zoom and is approximately 3-4 hours long, depending on topics chosen.


Scheduled at your convenience. Contact me to register!

VBAC Class


This class is ideal for anyone who has had a prior cesarean and needs to decide how they want to birth next. Together we will discuss the risks & benefits of both a vaginal birth after cesarean and a repeat cesarean so you can make a decision you feel confident in. You do NOT have to be currently pregnant to enroll. This class is approximately 2.5 hrs long.

Scheduled at your convenience. Contact me to register!

Labor Rehearsal

This class is for any couple who wants to practice comfort techniques and the flow of labor before the big day! This class is typically held in the couple's home* so they have the opportunity to use the space they will labor in. All of the things we practice easily translates to the hospital when the time comes. If you are having an additional support person with you in labor (mother, sister, friend, doula, etc...) and they would like to attend as well, there is an additional $50 fee. 


*Couples outside Erie & Niagara Counties require an additional $50 fee.

Scheduled at your convenience. Contact me to register!

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